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Welcome to the Cordelia/Faith zone of the BtVS Writers' Guild.

So Cordelia and Faith had minimal screen time together in BtVS and Angel. But let's indulge ourselves for a moment, okay? While in canon they didn't seem to like each other very much - at all really if an elbow in the face is anything to go by - in our shimmery, angsty world Faith and Cordelia are full of slashy goodness. As we all know, antagonism is a whisper away from sexual tension, and Cordy and Faith have antagonism in spades. Not to mention, they're both drop dead glamourous.

Inclusion on the archive is by invitation only now, sorry. This means that the archive has been pared down and rearranged. The reason for this is mainly time constraints. Only the best - in my purely arbitrary opinion - Cordelia/Faith fics are hosted here, however, you will find a comprehensive list of other sites hosting fiction listed in the links page.


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