Why we crush on her


You only have to look at the Buffy mailing lists to see the obsessive crushing that Eliza Dushku provokes in women and girls alike. Why? Is it the eyes, the full lips, the breasts, the attitude, or the leather pants? (more on that later...)

Why do you lust after Eliza? Let us know and we'll put up your comments.


"Area teenybopper's world revolves around Eliza Dushku" - our interpid reporter Mitzy Kat examines the appeal of The Most Dykeadelic One.

Eliza: Warrior Thesbian - Mitzy Kat compiles a Top, er, Twenty-Two of possible TV show titles.

Top Eleven reasons why Eliza should be Wonder Woman on the Big Screen - fairly self-explanatory. Again with the unconventionally numbered 'Top' lists.

Ode to Leather Pants - Faithtastic salivates over La Dushku's garment of choice.

Why I crush on Eliza... - Very Bad Girl contributes her two cents worth.

Why I crush on Eliza - the sequel - XDream1 ruminates on the appeal of the Dushkunator.

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