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Switch (NC-17, BDSM) Lilah/Faith
Faith likes sex. So does Lilah.

Survivors (NC-17) Lilah/Dawn
The apocalypse is coming. It's a good thing Lilah Morgan's a survivor.


Diamond Hard (R) Lilah/Faith
Lilah, Faith. What more do you want to know?

Dangerous Creatures (NC-17) Lilah/Justine
For there to be a summary, there would have to be a plot, but it's a L/J smutfic.

Liz Barr

Promotion (R) Lilah/f
Lilah's been promoted. Why isn't she happy?


Damn Promotion (R) Lilah/misc
We've all had these nights after a major decision...

Beth C

The Lap Of Luxury (R) Lilah/Cordelia
Cordelia, Lilah, Saks Fifth Avenue, Champagne..It’s where it is at.

Bitch Willow

Bitch Willow's fics - offsite link

Kate Bolin

Invigorating (PG) Lilah/Faith
Lilah attempts to relax.

Lily Cameron

Wonder (R) Lilah/Kate
Kate thinks about Lilah Morgan.


Black (NC-17) Lilah/Faith
Limo sex.


Lindsey Doesn't Know (R) Lilah/Darla
Lindsey doesn’t know and Lilah gets some sick satisfaction out of that.


Olam Ha-Ba (The Afterlife) (R) Lilah/Anya
Anya and Lilah meet up in the Afterlife


Last Night A Cheerleader Saved My Life (PG-13) Lilah/Cordelia
After Lilah shoots Billy, Cordelia pays her another visit.

Calle Dybedahl

Saviour (R) Lilah/Fred
AU angst.


Back Seat Driving (R) Lilah/Faith
What was really going on between Faith and Lilah in 'Five by Five.'

Unravel (NC-17) Lilah/Darla
Wolfram and Hart's most prized client seals a deal with a kiss.

Alone With Everybody (PG-13) Lilah/Kate
Kate Lockley picks up a stranger in a bar.

The Devil in a Little Black Dress (R) Lilah/?
Lilah buys some company for the night.

Legal Manoeuvres in the Dark (NC-17) Lilah/Faith
Lilah and Faith, screwing and screwing over.


Sweet Dreams (NC-17) Lilah/Darla
What if Angel wasn't the only to be "visited" by Darla when they're asleep?


Come Crash Into Me (R) Lilah/Kate
Lilah and Kate meet in a bar.


Star No Star (R) Lilah/Jasmine/Illyria
Destiny's what you make it, right?


Another Girl's Paradise (R) Lilah/Fred
Trying on Lilah at the end of the world sounds like a better idea than it actually is.

Less Deserving (R) Lilah/Faith, Lilah/Wesley
And what, exactly, do bad girls deserve after all is said and done?

Se7en (NC-17) Lilah/numerous - contains m/f
Seven sex scenes, seven mortal sins, seven different Lilah pairings. Pick your poison.

Fabled & Fabulous (PG-13) Lilah/Willow
Willow meets the dragon lady and lives to tell the tale.

Provocateur (R) Lilah/Fred
ulgar commentary, scientific experiments, general wrongness. Fred and Lilah at Wolfram and Hart LA.

Take My Breath Away (PG-13) Lilah/Dana Scully
The kinds of things you do while drunk at a party with a pretty girl in her bedroom.

Parley (PG-13) Lilah/Buffy
The One True Heroine meets The One Real Villainess. It goes moderately well.

Tourism For The Dispossessed (PG-13) Lilah/Cordelia
What do you do when you've been forgotten by everyone you loved? I guess you take up with someone who knows how you feel.

Girl With A Samurai Sword (R) Lilah/Cordelia
Revenge is a dish best served cold. --Old Klingon Proverb.

The Art Of Corporate-Sexual-Psychological War (PG-13) Lilah/O-Ren
Sofi doesn't like O-Ren's latest conquest, not one little bit.

Head Full Of Noise (NC-17) Lilah/Lauren (Alias)
Lilah learns her lesson when it comes to power, sex, and mercy.


The White Room (PG-13) Lilah/Cordelia
Set it before "You're Welcome" but it's just before Cordelia is allowed to come back, a kind of waiting room of sorts.

Roz Kaveney

Girl 1 (NC-17) Lilah/Elizabeth
In an alternate universe, not the Wishverse, Elizabeth broods on
truth and lies.

Girl 2 (NC-17) Lilah/Elizabeth
Sequel to Girl 1.

Strong Enough (NC-17) Lilah/?
Lilah has an office romance.

Decent Interval (NC-17) Lilah/Cordelia
Thirty years in the future, Cordelia and Lilah meet and have coffee.

Bed Time (PG-13) Lilah/Cordelia
Lilah cares, or is a carer, or something like that.

Dolores Labouchere

Legal Beaver (PG-13) Lilah/Joyce
Before Wolfram and Hart signed her up, Lilah worked in another law
firm, dealing with divorces...


Powerplay (PG-13) Lilah/Darla
Where *did* Darla go after the events of Epiphany?


Black Magic Women (NC-17) Lilah/Cordelia
A couple of dead ladies making the most of their afterlife.


Los Angeles, My Love (R) Lilah/Fred
Its sweet and bitter taste has left me wretched, retching on all fours.

Minim Calibre

More Than This (R) Lilah/Jenny
Hell is what you make of it.


Ember (R) Lilah/Fred
As fire rains down on Los Angeles, Lilah's life changes. With a little help, of course.


Do And Talk And Do (NC-17) Lilah/Faith - offsite link
An alleyway encounter.

Natalie Moss

The Fall of Innocence (R) Lilah/Fred
Ever wonder how Wolfram & Hart always knows what going on at Angel Investigations?


Lady is a Tramp (PG-13) Lilah/Cordelia
A telephone conversation.

Professional Whore (R) Lilah/Fred
Lilah is a professional whore, Fred loves her anyway.


Intentions (NC-17) Lilah/Faith
Faith gives Lilah a show in a dance club.


Secrets (R) Lilah/Drusilla
Where did Drusilla go after leaving Sunnydale?

John O'Connor

Legal Maneuverings (NC-17) Lilah/Cordelia
An amnesiac Cordy falls under Lilah's spell.

Patricia RD

Touche Me? (PG-13) Lilah/Gwen
Some nights are harder than others for Gwen.

In The Dark (NC-17) Lilah/Darla
Stranger things happen in the dark.

Sharp (NC-17) Lilah/Faith
Girls playing.


Bvlgari Pour Femme (NC-17) Lilah/Faith, Lilah/Cordelia
When Faith is hired by Wolfram & Hart she realizes that Lilah and Cordelia have something in common. Set during Five by Five.


Bad Word For A Good Thing (NC-17) Lilah/Faith
A short interoffice interlude.

Princess Twilite

Dolore [Pain] (PG-13) Lilah/?
Everyone thought they had her figured out. They didn't have a fucking clue.

Left Standing (PG-13) Lilah/Cordelia
Lilah. Cordelia. Two left on the remains of the battlefield.

Summer Of Sam (PG-13) Lilah/other f
Her lips tasted like root beer and Chap Stick…


Payment For Service Rendered (NC-17) Lilah/Darla
Darla's help comes with a price...


Burning Down (R) Lilah/Fred
Fred, Lilah, Angelus, and the apocalypse.

Reconstruction (R) Lilah/Fred
Fred negotiates the perils of responsibility; Lilah discovers her inner Xena.

Dave Rhoden

Fever (G) Lilah/?
Lilah sings.


Mainstream (R) Lilah/Virginia
Lilah gets a new personal assistant.


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