'Angel' Characters




Well, they have actually met with Lilah 'helping' the Homeless shelter raise money (and helping Wolfram and Hart too). Admittedly Anne wasn't overly impressed after she found out Lilah had been duping her, but we have to ask ourselves how Anne got involved in all this in the first place. Could one of W&H's most seductive lawyers have been a honey trap for the naïve young Anne? Perhaps the shelter gets into financial difficulty again - to whom will Anne turn to for help. No, not Angel...


Cordelia Chase

She of the ever-decreasing hair length has much in common with Lilah and in many ways Lilah is Cordelia's "mirror image". Both enjoy the finer things in life - expensive clothes and jewellery, both are determined to make it in their chosen careers, and both are masters of the bitchy one liner. Perhaps they meet in a bar and bond over Mahnolo Blahnik's. Perhaps Angel has to send in Cordelia to find out something about W&H - and Cordy has to use all her talents to get it. Maybe they just meet and fancy a quick shag. The choice is yours.



Lilah was very jealous when Lindsey mooned over Darla. But jealous of whom? Perhaps she wanted Darla to husk sexually explicit fantasies into her ear as the two writhed on silk sheets feeding each other strawberries. Perhaps she wanted Darla to fuck her sideways on Lindsey's mahogany desk. Perhaps she wanted Darla to munch her rug like a carpet tick. Perhaps she wanted Darla to dig out her Catholic school outfit and pretend to be Britney (only better at singing). Or perhaps she fancied Lindsay.




We know Drusilla likes Lilah because she's wicked. Maybe the naughty Lilah needs to be spanked 'til Tuesday. As for Lilah, she evidently is drawn to dark madness (hell, she works for W&H) so her and Dru would make such a pretty couple. Not to mention the fact that Lilah herself is getting a bit hand short of a Lindsey.

Darla and Drusilla

Darla & Dru

What if they'd vamped Lilah at the Holland Manners Massacre? Big ol' lesbian threesome? Oh, we think so.



Lilah evidently got Faith to the limousine by pretending to want to chow down with the nubile Slayer. And you could tell her gusset was moist from the thrill of being shoved up a against those railings. She admired Faith in so many things... yes, it was clearly love at first sight.

So, would Lilah need to go visit Faith in jail to, uh, 'get her off'? Maybe Faith didn't go straight to jail, but managed to get $200 from passing go with a certain lawyer first. Hell, pop Lilah into a bit of leather and she'd resemble Faith herself... so maybe Lilah gets on the convicted side of the law and ends up being the bitch to the jail's most dykey top dog. Guess who that would be?


Kate Lockley

They must have met often enough what with one being a policewoman and the other a lawyer. Who knows what Lilah did to keep Kate's mouth shut about her dark dealings. And now that Kate's lost her job, she has to make money somehow. High class lesbian escort? Stranger things have happened.



Bored after Wesley, rich-girl Virginia seeks a new thrill. What better than one of her daddy's old lawyers? Maybe Lilah needs to get some dirt on Angel. Who can she get at that isn't on the payroll at AI? And maybe Lilah just goes in for that ginger Diana Ross hair Irish girl look.

'Buffy' Characters



Amy Madison

Amy's father finds out that his daughter is a rat and needs to undo the spell. Willow is incapable so he has to turn to an expensive yet mysterious law firm who take the Amy-rat away. Lilah is present when the spell is undone and an attractive brunette is suddenly naked in her office. What's a girl to do?



Anya's a millennium old ex-demon, she must have some use for W&H. That, or she's a law-suit waiting to happen. Maybe she sees a re-run of Ellen and decides she wants to try this lesbian thing Willow and Tara keep going on about. A visit to a LA dyke-bar later, and...

Look, you try and come up with subtext...


Buffy Summers

Lilah's had her way with one Slayer, maybe she's got a taste for it. And what better way to get at Angel than to screw his whiny ex into the floorboards?



She was probably one of the senior partners, so perhaps a review was necessary of Special Operations. How would Lilah please the boss? That little black dress and no knickers?


Harmony Kendall

Harmony is in LA as far as we know. Plus she knows Angel and co. - perhaps Lilah needs some info from a reliable source. Although she might have to have some surgery to look like Charlize Theron.


Jenny Calendar

Well, they brought back Darla naked and sweaty... either that or Lilah Morgan, law student, just happened to go to the same college as Jennifer Calendar, computing student. They even shared a dorm room. Perhaps even a bed. After all, isn't college all about experimentation?


Joyce Summers

We already have a fic where Lilah was Joyce's divorce lawyer. Maybe Lilah collected fine art - who knows who she's met on her searches for African tribal pieces?


Maggie Walsh

Maggie was up to her ears in naughty stuff. She must have used W&H at some point. Or maybe Lilah was an early experiment. Or something...


Tara McClay

Who says Willow was Tara's first girlfriend? Maybe a glamorous older woman gave Tara her first taste of Sapphic pleasure when Tara stayed in LA. Or maybe they meet in the afterlife and have a certain sexual frission?


Willow Rosenberg

She's a lesbian, so is Lilah. Work with it, people. Oh, and there's all that powerful Wicca stuff. Maybe W&H need her services, and who better to make the contact than a fellow lesbian?