by Nikitangel


The air was slick with sweat, hormones and alcoholic haze. Lilah cautiously stepped further into the nightclub, squinting as her eyes adjusted to the sudden lack of light. She could have sent someone else in, but she didn’t trust such a delicate situation to anyone but herself. She’d go in, find the Slayer, and bring her out. Discreetly, she checked the slim watch on her wrist. Hopefully it wouldn’t take long.

The beat pounded around her as hundreds of young bodies writhed to the music. She blinked, disconcerted by the dizzying bursts of colored light that flashed through the room. A large screen on one end of the room depicted more young men and women, less sweaty and better dressed, moving to the same beat. A crush of people at the bar shouted impatiently at the bartenders, clutching crumpled bills in their damp hands, twitching and moving to the music, anxious to rejoin the throngs on the dance floor.

A group of young women stumbled and slunk toward the stairs to the dance floor, unmindful of the well-coiffed woman they knocked to the side. Regaining her footing, Lilah backed further toward the wall, deciding to assess the situation before going any further. Her knees bumped against an oversized couch and she turned to see a couple locked in embrace, the man’s tongue down the woman’s throat and his hand up her skirt. Another girl seated on the arm of the sofa watched idly, running her fingers through the other girl’s hair. Lilah raised an eyebrow before returning her gaze to the dance floor.

Still more ribald acts were taking place down there. Some groups stayed together, the couples within alternating between twining themselves around their partners and separating so that the girls could grind against each other while the guys looked on appreciatively. Other dancers were more fluid, moving from group to group and partner to partner, sliding up against one person, then the next, uncaring which body was in front of them at the moment.

Glasses and bottles were held carelessly in wild hands, their contents spilling equally into their owners’ mouths and over their clothing. Up-dos slowly tumbled down around shoulders, hairpins flying unheeded to the floor. Halter ties became looser, hip-huggers slipped lower. Flashes of piercings and body glitter stood out in brief moments of clarity as the lights strobed on.

Lilah swallowed, suddenly very glad she had banished Lee to the limousine. She didn’t care to be seen in this … environment. Her spine straightened as she suddenly spotted the target.

The girl was dancing alone, surrounded by a circle of hopeful men. Lost in her own world, she rubbed up against her various admirers one by one, slipping away as they became more interested. One unlucky suitor grabbed her arm, attempting to pull her closer. She didn’t lose a beat as she bent back his wrist and snapped his forearm. Shrieking in pain, he backed away and was lost to the dark surroundings. She smiled to herself, eyes still closed in ecstasy, as the wary men around her backed away.

Halfway across the crowded club, Lilah wore a smile of her own. She’d been right about this one. She’d known the moment Faith had shown up in L.A., of course. The secondary Slayer had always been on her radar as a possible solution to the Angel problem, but until this point, she hadn’t been worth the effort to track down and reel in. Now that she was in Lilah’s city, however, the rules had changed. She’d allowed Mercer to make the pitch to Lindsey – no use sticking her neck out if it didn’t turn out successfully. Lilah preferred only calculated risks, and the rogue Slayer was impossible to predict.


The girl in question danced on, working the dance floor with practiced ease, gathering a trail of new admirers as she slipped between writhing bodies. She used her long hair as a weapon, flipping and stroking it as she moved, finding her own pleasure as the music pounded through her. Her eyelids slipped lower as she took in her new recruits. One brave soul approached and she held back, waiting to see if he could impress her. With a cocky grin, he slid an arm around her waist and a leg between her thighs, yanking her closer. Sliding his body up and down hers, he thrust his hips forward with the beat.

Slayer hearing picked out his accelerated breathing from the cacophony around her. Sighing, she registered the growing hardness being thrust repeatedly against her pelvis. His other arm snaked between them and grabbed roughly at her breast. She snapped at that, flicking him away from her with a single hand and turning away, not waiting to see his surprised body crash into the throng behind him. So. It was going to be that kind of night.

Flicking her eyes over the crowd, Faith remained unimpressed. Practiced eyes picked out the straight girls grinding together as their boyfriends ogled them, running their hands up each other’s bodies with illicit pleasure and no consequences. She could give it a shot, but girls in groups like that were less likely to let themselves go, concerned that their friends might think they were actually enjoying it. There were a few dykes in the crowd, but they kept mostly to themselves. That left the girls with guys again. Faith resolved to keep from starting another brawl until she had a little more fun. She wanted to get off at least a few times before trashing the place.

Spying a single couple a few feet away, Faith grinned ferally and headed toward them. The girl’s halter looked brand-new, the leather pants still stiff in places. Hmm. A newbie. This could be fun.

Halfway there, Faith paused and cocked her head to the side. She spun around, her eyes scanning the balcony until they landed on the well-dressed woman staring at her. The woman certainly didn’t belong, that was for sure. She held her body stiffly, as if purposely ignoring the strumming beat. Her head was held high, but the tightly gripped hands gave her away. Faith caught a winking glimpse of diamonds as a rainbow of colored lights flashed over the mysterious woman.

She could see the woman’s throat move, a nervous swallow in response to being made. Faith’s eyes sparkled and a slow smile slid across her face. Slinking closer to the couple she’d picked out before, she allowed herself to fall further into the music. Rubbing her hands over her over-heated skin, she gave full reign to her Slayer senses. The bass echoed in her head as she danced her way up to the girl. She’d caught the guy’s eye fairly quickly, predictably. The girl had yet to notice she was no longer the sole object of her boyfriend’s attention. There was a split-second break in the music and suddenly Faith was behind her.

She kept a breath away at first, timing her motions to mirror those of the unnerved girl in front of her, avoiding contact. Her dark eyes flicked to those of the watching woman and she raised an eyebrow challengingly. She let her hands wander up the back of the girl’s thighs, skitter over her bared back, whisper across the back of her neck. She could see the girl swallow and the guy back off, content to watch the show. Faith smiled.

Tiny hairs on the girl’s skin rose as Faith continued the whisper-light touches over her body. As her nerves grew, the girl’s motions became jerkier, losing the rhythm of the music as she took in what was happening behind her. Faith’s hands came to rest on the slim hips, calming them, molding them to her beat. The girl drew in a stuttered breath as Faith’s fingers began stroking, slipping up over her waistline to the bare skin beneath her top before skimming back down over her leather-clad hips.

She let her hands continue their teasing strokes as she looked back up to the balcony. The woman’s collar had been loosened and a blush was creeping up her neck. Her hands twisted tightly together as she took in the scene before her. Faith smirked and returned her attention to the lithe body in front of her.

She leaned in and breathed heavily across the girl’s neck. The girl’s shoulders immediately tensed as she arched her back in shock. Faith took the opportunity to pull the girl’s hips closer, rubbing herself up against the tight leather, melding them together in the beat. Blowing away tiny wisps of hair on the girl’s neck, Faith slowly drew the tip of her tongue up the damp skin, smiling in satisfaction as she felt a shudder go through the body clasped in front of her.

She looked up to catch the boyfriend’s intense stare, his body rendered almost still at the scene before him. She winked briefly at him and lifted her gaze to see what effect her actions were having on the prim and proper onlooker above. She was amused to find her observer’s gaze locked on Faith’s hands, staring as she stroked the leather-clad thighs pressed against hers. The woman’s eyes suddenly flicked up to hers, and the blush grew deeper. Faith grinned and slowly licked her upper lip, exaggerating the movement and watching the woman squirm.

Satisfied, Faith went back to work. She began drawing her hands upward, leaving the leather behind and sliding between cheap silk and a belly slick with sweat. As she trailed her fingers upward she could hear the girl’s breath catch. She paused and withdrew, grinning at the sigh of disappointment. Putting her hands to her own head, she ran her fingers through her hair, leaning back and allowing her partner’s imagination to run wild.

She felt the girl move imperceptibly backward, seeking to recover the physical contact. Ahh. Moving right along. Beginning with the neck again, Faith traced her index finger from the girl’s hairline down her spine and up again. As the girl trembled before her, she raised her other hand and drew the two apart, trailing wandering paths over the girl’s shoulders and down her arms to her hands, which Faith promptly covered with her own. Interlacing their fingers, Faith drew her in closer and swayed with the rhythm, running their joined hands across the tops of the girl’s thighs.

Her breasts pressed up against the girl’s back, she could feel every shuddering breath, every nervous swallow, and she reveled in her power. Leaving the girl’s hands to continue on their own, Faith drew her fingertips back up the front of the girl’s body, lingering near her crotch but moving frustratingly upward. With a teasing slip of a finger under the shirt material, she continued up and over the slick cloth, caressing the taut muscles through the silk.

The girl’s movements grew restless and Faith waited an additional second, letting the tension build before finally running her hands over the girl’s breasts. Smiling at the sigh of relief, she slowly massaged the soft flesh, feeling the girl’s motions slow down to give her full access. She paused long enough to bring the girl’s hands up to Faith’s own hair, which the girl immediately began stroking her fingers through. Fast learner. A glance upward showed that her balcony spectator was breathing heavily, tugging discreetly at the bottom of her demure skirt.

She trailed her fingernail across a nipple and felt it harden, visibly rising under the smooth material. The heavy breathing in front of her quickened and she could smell the rush of arousal. Smirking, Faith gave the same treatment to the other nipple before palming both breasts once again. The girl’s jaw fell open, her head thrown back as she gave herself over to the sensation. Fabric rubbed back and forth over damp skin, increasing the pleasure of friction.

Faith’s own breathing sped up as she felt the girl’s arousal heighten. Grinding herself into the girl’s ass, her hands began squeezing more roughly. Her head snapped up, her eyes demanding the undivided attention of the woman watching her. She saw the woman’s mouth fall open slightly and the rush of an audience swept through her. Her right hand slid down, stopping maddeningly at the zipper to the girl’s pants. Faith drew her thumb and forefinger around the girl’s nipple once more, her other thumb slipping behind the zipper. Holding her breath in anticipation, she leaned into the girl’s neck and bared her teeth. Her dark eyes sought the woman’s gaze and held it, a challenge to stay with her to the finish. With one swift motion, she grabbed the front of the girl’s pants and yanked upward, pulling the seam up tight between the girl’s legs while using her other hand to pinch the hardened nipple. Her blunt teeth closed around the girl’s hyper-sensitive neck, sealing the deal.

Faith held tight as the girl convulsed in her arms, cries lost to the pounding music. She felt the pull of the girl’s fists clenched in her hair and the flood of heat against her right hand. She watched as the woman in the balcony exhaled sharply, panting slightly and licking her lips, a hand absent-mindedly smoothing over her expensive suit.

It was a full minute before girl came entirely down, her death grip on Faith relaxing as she panted in shock. Faith could feel muscles tensing as the girl attempted to turn around. Grabbing the girl’s arm, she hastily spun her away and into the arms of her waiting boyfriend. The girl found her balance surprisingly quickly and turned in search of the mysterious dancer only to find the usual blur of anonymous bodies.


Lilah blinked, suddenly unable to see her target. Closing her eyes deliberately, she attempted to regain control of her breathing. She opened her eyes again, searching the dance floor for any sign of the dark Slayer. Hopefully the girl was leaving soon. Lilah didn’t care to take in any more floor shows and she wanted to speak with Faith privately.

“Enjoy yourself?”

Lilah snapped to attention as the words were breathed into her ear. The voice was low and gravelly, a hint of teasing in the tone. Straightening her shoulders, Lilah turned to find the dark-eyed girl standing inches away from her.

“I’m sorry?” She kept her tone controlled. Best to take charge from the start, make sure Faith understood who had authority here.

A Cheshire grin crept over Faith’s face. “I said, did you enjoy yourself?”


“You like to watch?” Faith interrupted. “Kinda kinky. I think I might like you.”

Lilah opened her mouth, unused to being taken off-guard. “Listen, I just wanted to –“ She trailed off as a slight movement caught her attention and she was shocked to see the girl caressing her own breast, her left hand lazily drawing circles around her nipple as she waited for Lilah to finish. Lilah licked her lips uncertainly. “Could we go somewhere quieter?”

Faith raised an eyebrow. “You mean, as in ‘Your place or mine’? Or are you a back room kinda girl? ‘Cause I gotta say, I’m feeling the beat here and I don’t much feel like leaving yet.”

“I don’t – the back room will be fine,” Lilah finished hurriedly, unable to hear herself think with all the noise. It was the noise that was disconcerting her, that was all. Once she got away from that infernal music, she’d be able to take control again.

“You got it.” Faith winked and turned, quickly disappearing in the crowd.

Lilah struggled to keep up, bumping up against all sorts of people and struggling not to brush any bare skin. She caught up with Faith just as the girl finished shouting something to a burly man and slipping a folded bill into his pocket. With a leer at Lilah, he kicked open a door and stepped back.

“Fifteen minutes.” He pinched her as she followed Faith into the cramped room, and she turned to castigate him, but found the door slammed in her face. Blinking as her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she could make out the shape of several racks of coats.

“I hate to sound cliché, but what’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?”

The husky voice came out of the darkness and as Lilah turned to pinpoint the source, she found herself suddenly pressed up against the door. She forced herself to take a couple deep breaths. “I just wanted to –“

“Oh, I could see what you wanted.” Faith took another step closer and placed a hand on either side of Lilah’s head. “Me,” she breathed, her face inches away, eyes intensely fastened on the other woman’s. Lilah could smell the candy-sweet scent of liquor on the girl’s breath.

She heard the creak of leather as Faith insinuated her leg between Lilah’s, nudging the woman’s knees apart. The hem of her skirt began riding up her leg and she took a shuddering breath.

“I think this has gotten a little out of hand,” she managed to get out. “Perhaps we should-“

“Oh, hands, definitely,” Faith agreed, her right hand moving to Lilah’s collarbone before drifting downward. “You smell good,” she said suddenly. “Rich.” She moved in closer to sniff again. Her fingers reached the waistband of the skirt and began inching the fabric up. “Rose petals,” she decided. “What kinda lady wears a fancy suit and rose petal perfume to a dance club?”

Lilah found it difficult to breathe. Her breaths grew shorter and more erratic as the hem of her skirt was drawn higher and higher.

Faith leaned in and briefly caught Lilah’s earlobe between her teeth. “I think,” she said, “It’s lady who wants to feel leather against her skin and smell girl on her fingers.” She grinned and slid her hand up Lilah’s skirt.

Her head reeling, Lilah struggled to get a hold of herself. If only she were on her own territory, she’d know how to handle this arrogant girl. This insane circus atmosphere was throwing her off. Everything was spinning faster and faster as clever fingers trailed up her inner thighs.

“You got some fancy stuff on under here,” Faith commented. “Good. I like garters. Give me better access.” And finally, finally, her fingers slid over Lilah’s panties. “Mmmm, nice and wet. Did I getcha a little hot back there?” She stroked lightly as she spoke, her eyes never leaving the other woman’s. “Did I make you wet when I had my hands all over that other girl? When I grabbed her tits and made her come?”

Lilah shivered as the words washed over her and Faith’s fingers became more insistent.

“Did you wish I had put my hand down her pants? Huh? Just … slipped my finger down and into her pussy?” Faith drew the panties aside and slowly slid a finger back and forth across Lilah’s slit. “Kinda slippery down here. Hard to control myself. If I’m not careful, my finger might just-“

And suddenly Faith’s finger was inside her and moving and stroking and sliding and oh god she shouldn’t be letting this happen but it just felt so good but she had to stop it and –

“That’s it,” Faith murmured as a small whimper escaped. “I knew you wanted it. I knew as soon as I saw you staring at me out there. I don’t care what you think you came here for. You think you’re in control?” She added another finger and Lilah nearly stopped breathing all together. “You don’t want to be in control. You want me here, shoving you up against the door of this crappy coat room while some sleazy guy waits outside getting hard just thinking about what’s going on in here.”

Lilah could hear her own panting in the darkness, coinciding with the rhythmic thrusting of Faith’s fingers. She couldn’t stop her hips from jerking forward.

Faith felt the small movement and smirked. “That’s right. You want me doing these things to you, saying nasty words and shoving my fingers up your cunt. You want someone forcing you, taking you in a cheap night club without even knowing your name.” Her voice turned harder. “You came here because none of your fancy friends would see you watching me in the dark, getting wet and thinking nasty thoughts.”

Lilah shut her eyes, unable to handle the intensity in Faith’s stare.

“Look at me!” Faith snapped. Her left hand grabbed Lilah’s throat, tilting her head back. “Look at me while I make you come.”

The reduced oxygen began to make Lilah even dizzier, but she managed to open her eyes. One hand reached up to grip the hand at her throat, but the attempt was half-hearted and she could feel the strength radiating up the Slayer’s arm. Her legs gave out, but Faith pushed her back up against the door. Gasping for the limited air allowed by Faith’s hold, Lilah scrambled for the last vestiges of self-control.

“No,” Faith said fiercely. “No control. Give it up. Give to me,” she commanded, moving her fingers more violently, the rucked-up skirt sliding down around her hand. Her thumb reached up to rub roughly against Lilah’s clit.

Lilah broke. With a strangled cry, her hips bucked against Faith’s hand, muscles contracting in a flood of wet heat. Faith continued ruthlessly, letting go of Lilah’s throat in order to grab her breast, rolling the nipple between her fingers before leaning forward to bite it through the cloth. The sudden influx of oxygen lent an added thrill to her orgasm as Lilah greedily sucked in air. She held Faith’s head to her chest as her body continued to shudder.

She was still shivering when Faith pulled away, and she briefly registered how soft the girl’s hair had been. Nothing about that girl was soft.

“Well,” said Faith, slipping a finger into her mouth and sucking on it. “You look pretty hot with your skirt all up like that.” Her tongue reached out to lick the wetness from her palm. Lilah felt her breath catch again. “You wanna get outta here?”

Lilah nodded jerkily, pulling away from the door and attempting to right her clothing. Keeping her face turned away from Faith, she tugged her skirt down and smoothed her blouse. She’d done her job. She’d gotten the Slayer’s attention and had Faith willing to leave with her. That was the job.

“Let’s go.” Lilah looked up to find the door already open and Faith waiting impatiently while the bouncer tried to get a glimpse inside. Faith jerked her head and Lilah nodded again, following her out and resisting the urge to tug at her skirt. She stumbled along as Faith slipped nimbly through the crowd toward the exit.

The two walked silently through the dismal parking lot. “Well,” said Faith finally. “I guess we could go somewhere and talk… although I’m not much of a talker … I’m more of a doer.”

And with that, Lilah found herself. Talking, doing, this was a deal, and she was merely setting it up. The sounds of the club were fading in the distance and she was Lilah Morgan, Wolfram & Hart. Straightening her spine, she resolved to forget what had just occurred. It was an anomaly, a reaction to a strange environment, and a means to an end.

“I think you might’ve misunderstood my intentions,” she said smoothly, no hint of their earlier passion. Business, it was business.

“No. I think you misunderstood mine.” A new, dangerous, glint came into the girl’s eyes. Lilah struggled not to shiver as that dark gaze pinned her against the chain link fence. Suddenly, she comprehended Slayers in a way she never had before. She nearly sighed in relief when she saw the limo pull out of the alley. It was relief, with no trace of disappointment. Being alone with this girl was trouble, and she couldn’t wait to get out of it.

Relief, she repeated to herself as the girl’s thighs brushed hers. A means to an end.