Excerpt from Unravel
(Surviving Sunnydale series)


"Going down?" the young man asked politely as the tall brunette boarded the elevator with her blonde companion.

The brunette nodded, a faint smirk curling her lips. He recognised her vaguely, he’d seen her around a few times, and guessed she was one of those workaholic litigators that dominated the middle floors of the office building. They often worked ‘til late into the evening, their offices more of a home than their real ones. Not that he ever mixed with the lawyers, he was just a mailroom boy, and more often than not the lawyers deigned not to speak to his kind. All he did was make sure their mail was on their desks first thing in the morning. And what those guys failed to realise was that it was the background people who kept this firm running smoothly.

Out of the corner of his eye, pretending not to look but looking all the same, he saw the brunette pull a cigarette case out of her bag. With long, elegant fingers she slipped a French style cigarette between her lips. She looked to the other woman, and the blonde wordlessly produced a lighter from her own purse.

"Hey, um, you’re not supposed to smoke in the elevator. At all really," he piped up and immediately felt like such a doof. The brunette merely arched her brow and stared at him with glacial blue eyes. Chastised, he shrunk back against the wall.

She exchanged glances with the blonde, some non-verbal female communication that went way over his head. The blonde smiled slowly, as if in understanding. And then he watched her move, almost surge forward like an uncoiling snake and press the brunette back against the wall with one hand.

Shit. That single word bubbled out of his mind, like a gurgle, like this, one of his adolescent fantasies coming true. He watched, in child-like awe as the blonde kissed the brunette, right damn there in front of him.

Fingers crept into his hair, the blonde stroking his skull, cradling it tenderly with her palm, and this was so fucking far out. He reached out to touch her, because, hell, he wasn’t going to pass up this opportunity.

There was this force in her grip and it was beginning to hurt and he was starting to protest but then the wall was just right *there.* In his face. He just felt this almighty pressure in his nose and he knew, without thinking, that it was broken. As his face skidded down the faux wood panelling, he could taste the blood in his mouth and the darkness just descended like a shutter. The last thing he felt before the world tilted and lurched into nothingness was two sharp pricks, like sustained pin pricks, and a searing pain in his neck. . . something like burning. . . blackness.

Discarding the spent body, Darla drew a delicate hand over her mouth, wiping away the last trace of blood on her scarlet lips. "Now, where were we?" she smirked and pressed closely to the other woman, wasting no time in capturing her mouth and forcing her tongue inside.

Lilah could taste the too-sweet, sharp, metalltic tang of blood on Darla’s tongue; both repulsed and turned on at the same time. She had half a mind to ask the vampire to turn her. Just watching Darla sucking ravenously on her prey, consuming that defenceless man and discarding him just as callously… She wanted some of that for herself, that utter disregard for morality, just the ever present hunger, reacting simply to needs and desires.

She felt Darla’s fingers on her inner thighs, caressing the sensitive flesh through her stockings, stroking a dangerous path upwards, and slipping under her business skirt. She watched Darla pull back and bring moistened fingertips to her full lips. Fortunately, Lilah had recently decided to forego underwear; call it forward planning. The vampire smiled slowly, eyes sparkling and almost black.

Suddenly, Darla was at her neck, nipping, and sucking lightly, and Lilah was all too aware of the danger but she felt no fear. She sank her fingers into silken blonde hair and gasped as cool fingers traced her labia. God . . . she grasped the other woman more tightly, rocking her hips encouragingly as Darla continued to caress her intimately. She let out a high groan as one finger slipped inside her, soon followed by a second. There was the whisper of a cool thumb across her clit and Darla’s unrelenting fingers sliding easily back and forth. Smiling lips sought her own again, smearing lipstick and saliva, and tongues entangling. And the knowledge that this elevator was under surveillance and that, more than likely, Lindsey would be taking his own copy home with him for his private enjoyment . . .

"Fuck," Lilah gasped, coming quick and hard as Darla ended the kiss to lick at her neck again, moving up to her jaw, before taking an earlobe firmly between her teeth.

The vampire laughed, soft and girlish. "Now will you find her for me?"

Lilah gazed at the blonde, her breathing harsh and irregular. She nodded mutely. Why not? If it meant the promise of more fucking, more fucking with Lindsey’s head then she was all for it. And if she got a few orgasms out of it, all the better.