22nd April 2004 - more stories: Lindsey Doesn't Know by chloestorch, Black Magic Women by Mari, Mainstream by SA, The White Room by Jo, Come Crash Into Me by hermionesviolin, and The Lap Of Luxury by Beth C.

21st April 2004 - new stories: Saviour by Calle Dybedahl, Wonder by Lily Cameron, Bvlgari Pour Femme by Patrizia, Intentions by Nikitangel, Los Angeles, My Love by Minervacat, Head Full of Noise by Jennifer-Oksana, Survivors by Amy, and Star No Star by hold_that_thought.

7th April 2004 - lots of new stories: La Vie en Rose, Something Brighter, Confidence Games and Therapeutic Measures by Jennifer Oksana, Pump and Curriculum by Kate Bolin, I Wish... by Don't Make Eye Contact, and Legal Manoeuvres in the Dark by Faithtastic.

10th November 2003 - two new stories: The Art of Corporate-Sexual-Psychological War and Girl With A Samurai Sword by Jennifer Oksana.

27th September 2003 - added two new stories: Tourism for the Dispossessed by Jennifer-Oksana and More Than This by Minim Calibre

12th September 2003 - added a number of stories to the archive by Jennifer Oksana, Patricia RD, Roz Kaveney and Daki. Redesigned the site.

21st May 2003 - after a long overdue review of our flight paths, Lilahslash has had a complete overhaul. Lots of new stories added to the archive. Lilahslash is also now more than two years old!

20th April 2002 - added Decent Interval by Roz, and the Fall of Innocence by Natalie Moss.

17th March 2002 - added a link to Bitch Willow's Lilah fics, an offsite link to Last Night A Cheerleader Saved My Life by Dreiser, Girl 2 and Strong Enough by Roz, Lady is A Tramp by Netgirl, and Fever by Dave Rhoden.

New affiliate - Messalina and the Gladiator, Jennifer Oksana's fabulous Angel/Lilah site.

Also added a couple of new links.

8th August 2001 - added Damn Promotion by beergoggles0.

17th July 2001 - added Sweet Dreams by Gwendolyn and Promotion by Liz Barr.

18th June 2001 - added Diamond Hard by Anne and Powerplay by Mari.

6th June 2001 - added Secrets by Nymue and The Devil in a Little Black Dress by Faithtastic. Also, added a new page devoted to Lilah's bitchiest quotes. Yay!

14th May 2001 - added Evidence page.

2nd May 2001 - added Invigorating by Kate Bolin and Girl 1 by Roz Kaveney to archive.

18th April 2001 - added Alone With Everybody by Faithtastic and Legal Beaver by Dolores Labouchere to the archive.

4th April 2001 - added Bad Word For A Good Thing by Phyx and Payment For Service Rendered by Random to the archive and added buttons and a banner to the link to us page.

3rd April 2001 - mailing list and site launched.