Angel: “As long as I pretend it never happened – that Macnamara and his circus don’t exist. - That is the deal, isn’t it?”
Lilah: “It’s a big city, Angel. A lot of people need your help.”
Angel: “So you’re really a good Samaritan and this whole pact-with-the-devil business is just an act.”
Lilah: “Sometimes you have to – compromise.”
Angel: “Look the other way you mean – when Wolfram and Hart are involved?”
Lilah: “I prefer to think of it - as picking the battles you can win. There is not one reason why we can’t work together.”
Angel gets up with a big sigh.
Angel: “You’re right. (He takes a sip from his glass of champagne as Lilah smiles at him) There are about a thousand.”
Lilah leans in close to him: “I saw what you did to Baker – so I know you want to survive. This is your only chance. Take it.”



Lilah to Lee a ways in front of her: "Lee! I've been looking for you. (To the guy next to her) You call them back and tell them that's our drop-dead offer, and you make sure that they understand we mean literally not figuratively. (To Lee as the other guy leaves with a nod) How are you doing?"
Lee: "Good! You?"
Lilah: "Great. I heard you came up with a good idea. How to deal with our friendly neighborhood vampire?"
Lee: "No, I came up with a great idea. How do you find out these things so fast?"
Lilah: "Part of my job. How did you find out there was a rogue Slayer in town?"
Lee: "Part of *my* job. I've been reading, ah, the police reports. She's been a - busy little beaver."
Lilah: "But you don't know where she is."
Lee: "I will soon enough."
Lilah opens a folder: "I already do. - Uh, I'll make the contact."
Lee: "I don't think so. It’s my deal - I’ll make the contact."
Lilah: "Let me think about it... - No."
Lee: "Why not?"
Lilah: "It's your people skills - you don't have any."
Lee: "You bitch."
Lilah chuckles: "See? If you behave I'll let you ride in the Limo."


Cut to Lilah and Faith walking out of a bar at night.
Faith: "I guess we could go somewhere and talk, but I'm not much of a talker. I'm more of a doer."
Lilah: "I think you might have misunderstood my intentions."
Faith: "No, I think you misunderstood mine. I like that watch. Diamonds, right?'
Lilah: "Faith."
Faith: "How do you know my name? I don't think I told you."
Lilah: "We are well aware of who you are - and what you do. We know you have been experiencing some - difficulties. We think we can help bring some order back to your life."
Faith: "We do, do we? Who is we, and why do they know me when I don't know Jack about you?"
Lilah: "Green - is my favorite color. I look good in diamonds - and I love riding in limousines."



Lilah: "Just so we're clear - we won't be putting any of this down on paper. This is strictly - a handshake deal."
She sets a round silver bowl filled with gruel on the table.
Lindsay: "Not that it is necessary for you to have hands for us to do business with you."
Lilah: "That was species-ist of me. I apologize if I -(The creature sticks its head into the gruel and starts slurping it up with a growl) have offended you - in any way."



Lilah to Lindsey: "Remember when Robert Price let the senior partners down and they made him eat his liver? - I don't know what made me think of that."

Lilah leaning to look in through the bars running along the top of the box: "We are all very pleased you're here. - I know it's a bit confusing - but it's going to be better soon - a lot better, (Camera pans to show a naked woman crouched in one corner of the box) Darla."



Lilah to cell phone as she walks the corridor: "You have every right to review the contract. I encourage it. We'll talk on Monday. - Of course if you don't sign we'll sue your ass off and kill your children. - Just kidding, Donald. No one wants a law suit."
Closes the phone and enters a dark room.
Lilah: "Wow. It's nice and gloomy in here. (Lindsey is having trouble opening a CD case with his new prosthetic hand - drops it) You're not handicapped - you're handi-capable."



Lilah walks over to where Bethany is sitting on the sofa, carrying a laundry basket.
Lilah: "So, how was the club? You have any fun?"
Bethany: "It was okay."
Lilah sits down beside her and begins to fold the laundry.
Lilah: "Any cute boys? (Bethany shakes her head) I'm sorry I couldn't make it. But work just got insane, and our new clients are monsters."
Bethany reaches for the laundry: "Here. Let me."
Lilah: "Oh, I like folding. It's like a Zen exercise for me. It levels me out after work."
Bethany: "You got to let me help. I gotta at least… It's enough you letting me stay here."
Lilah: "Didn't we vow you were gonna stop that? Didn't we make a blood oath? (smiles) I *love* having you here."
Bethany: "You know, when you came and spoke at our school, I was so… There was someone who got out, who made it by themselves. I-I'm saying it wrong."
Lilah: "No. You're not."
Bethany: "I couldn't believe you even talked to me."
Lilah smiles at her: "See? You have no idea. You're special, Bethany. - In the old, non-retarded sense of the word. You think I tour high schools across America, saying 'look me up' to everyone I meet? (Shakes her head) You have a power about you. (Bethany looks away) Other people are gonna start to know that."


Lilah into her cell phone: "Shut up! Just shut up! One more excuse from you and I'm gonna bury you alive next to my house so I can hear you screaming. (Sighs) He took her to the hotel? Great. He wants to play with little Miss Time-bomb, I say we let him. Pull the trigger."


Angel standing outside the open door of Lilah's apartment: "You got to learn to lose, sweetie." Lilah: "Did I mention you're not invited in?"



To Lindsey about Darla's undead corpse: "Think maybe *now* you've got a shot with her?"


Dru running her hand along Lilah's jaw: "You have beautiful skin." Lilah: "I moisturize." Dru bends down so her face is level with Lilah's: "That was very thoughtful of you."



Lilah: "You're getting the big freeze-out, too?"
Lindsey: "Lilah."
Lilah: "Oh, what's wrong, Lindsey? You bitter because your girlfriend didn't slit my throat?"
Lindsey: "That might be overstating it. More like bummed."
Lilah: "Sorry to disappoint. I take it I'm not the only one feeling the lack of empathy around here."
A vampire, walking next to a lawyer, stares at Lindsey's bruised face.
Lindsey: "What are you looking at?"
Lilah: "No phone calls, no flowers. If I were the nervous type, I'd be nervous. But as it is, I'm just pissed."
Lindsey: "What do you expect, Lilah? We're the only survivors of the massacre, it's natural that we're under suspicion."
Lilah: "Yeah, you know what I don't like about suspicion? The part where they find us two weeks from now, dead in some freak accident."
Lindsey: "We did nothing wrong."
Lilah: "I'm sorry, have we met? Because I work for Wolfram and Hart. Responsibility has nothing to do with it. If they are looking for a scapegoat we might as well grow horns and start eating garbage."


Lindsey: "Everybody dies, Lilah."
Lilah: "But not everybody ends up in a dog-food processing plant in San Pedro."



Lindsey: "Why don't you come in, Mr..."
Boone: "Call me Boone. (To Lilah) Are you the - better half of this team?"
Lilah with a smile: "I like to think so. We run the Special Projects division. Did you have a special project?"


Lilah: "Hey, Napoleon, we are *Co* vice-presidents. This plan of yours explodes and we both end up in tiny pieces."


Lindsey: "Everything is gonna be okay."
Lilah: "Sure it is. I mean, all we did was to oversee a scheme to steal two million dollars from a teen homeless shelter. How did this happen?"
Lindsey: "If he's got proof it came from you."
Lilah: "Me?!"
Lindsey: "Yeah, you. You opened your mouth to someone, and now he's got it on tape, probably."
Lilah: "No, you're the one with the sporadic professional death wish. How do I know you're not on one of your Kamikaze missions, with me as your co-pilot."


Lilah: "Well, it's a pretty simple formula. Rich people pay to touch famous people. Cameras catch all the not quite prostitutional action. Pretty profitable and it all goes into the public consciousness as a good deed courtesy of Wolfram and Hart. It's really true - charity gives you this - warm glow, you know?