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A vague disclaimer is nobody's friend so... the characters depicted in the fanfiction stories contained on this site are copyright to their respective writers/production companies/networks and as such I intend no infringement upon said copyright. These works of fanfiction are for fun not for profit so pretty please don't sue my ass off. As for the novel, it's all mine. Can't blame that one on anyone else but for the sake of my pride don't plagarise.

Fanfiction is organised by fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer " Angel, Star Trek: Voyager, Xena: Warrior Princess, and miscellaneous (stuff inspired by various shows). Each story is clearly marked by character pairing, summary and rating so it's easier to find the ones you'd prefer to read.

Many of the fics here feature adult situations between same-sex characters so if that bothers you then I suggest you go elsewhere and don't darken my door again. Likewise, if you're under 18 you probably shouldn't be looking at this stuff. Unless you're Scandinavian.

If you want to contact me, drop me a line. Don't badger me to finish a work in progress and, unfortunately, I don't have time to edit my own fiction, never mind anyone else's so to avoid disappointment please don't ask me to.

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