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Buffy: the Vampire Slayer & Angel (52)

My obsessions de jour. The Buffy characters are like old friends, you root for them through all the trauma, pain and loss. I'll always love the characters on Buffy but Angel has the darkness, the unpredictability, the 'wow' factor that keeps me coming back for more. It's also extremely slashorific.

Buffy/Faith (8)

If I Told You That (PG-13) between May - Dec 2000
An alternative ending to 'Revelations.'

Burning The bridges Series (NC-17) completed December 2000
Joyce picks up a hitchhiker and sets in motion a tale of love and betrayal.

If This Ain't Love (NC-17) between May - Dec 2000
Buffy and Faith resolve their sexual tension.

Pure Pleasure Seeker (NC-17) between May - Dec 2000
An alternative ending to 'Bad Girls'.

About Ready To Pop (NC-17) between May - Dec
What if Buffy had rescued Faith from the Apocalypse demon in 'The Zeppo'?

Never Too Late Series (R) completed May 2001
Faith makes amends, Buffy comes to terms with her feelings, and Cordelia reflects on being second choice.

Please Stay (PG-13) September 2001
A reinforcement arrives in the fight against Glory.

Clubbing In Rome (R) March 2004
In Rome, things come to a head for Buffy and Faith.

Cordelia/Faith (8)

Surviving Sunnydale Series (NC-17) UNFINISHED last updated April 2001
Following Faith's stint in jail, Cordelia has to face up to her past and a possible future.

Postcards From The Edge (PG-13) January 2001
Dead girl writing. Dead Letters Challenge.

At Your Convenience (NC-17) July 2001
Faith and Cordelia screw to pass the time.

Crave (NC-17) January 2002
Lilah gives Faith a little something to sweeten the deal with Wolfram & Hart.

Deep Talk In The Shallow End (R) May 2002
Cordelia and Faith have a talk.

Escapology (NC-17) November 2003
Sometimes you need to escape.

Bar Room Blitz (PG-13) December 2003
In the near future, Faith and Cordelia forge an unlikely friendship.

Tacky Drunken Vegas Wedding (drabble, PG) July 2004
Faith and Cordy get married.

Miscellaneous Slash pairings (31)

Lady (Joyce/Tara, PG-13) between May - Dec
Tara admires Joyce from afar.

Hair Trek (Joyce/misc, crossover, parody, PG-13) between May - Dec 2000
Joyce has a strange dream.

This Year's Thrill (Joyce/Faith, NC-17) between May - Dec 2000
Twisted take on the slashorific Faith/Joyce scene in 'This Year's Girl'.

Back Seat Driving (Faith/Lilah, R) between May - Dec 2000
What was really going on between Faith and Lilah in 'Five By Five'.

Waiting (Tara/Willow, PG) between May - Dec 2000
Tara waits for Willow.

Evening Class (Joyce/Jenny Calendar, R) between May - Dec 2000
Joyce and Jenny Calendar develop a mutual attraction.

They Remembered Jayne Mansfield (Cordelia/?, PG-13) February 2001
Cordelia needs closure.

Cooling (Oz/Angel, NC-17) February 2001
Oz picks up someone after a gig.

Buffy Woke Up Gay (parody, pG-13) March 2001
One morning, Buffy wakes up gay.

Alone With Everybody (Kate Lockley/?, R) April 2001
Kate Lockley picks up a stranger in a bar.

Fag Haggery Loves Company (Cordelia/Virginia, PG-13) April 2001
Virginia takes Cordelia out for drinks.

Undertow (Tara/Buffy, PG-13) May 2001
Tara, rain-soaked Buffy, grief and misunderstanding.

The Devil In A Little Black Dress (Lilah/?, R) June 2001
Lilah purchases a companion for a works party.

Town Without pity (Darla/Drusilla, pG-13) August 2001
Darla and Dru are in hiding.

Too Far (Cordelia/Kate Lockley, PG-13) September 2001
Cordelia is in over her head.

Movies & Research (Cordelia/Fred, PG-13) December 2001
Cordelia and Fred have a girls' night in.

The Card (Dawn/Tara, PG) February 2002
Dawn succumbs to Valentine's Day.

Incredibly Short Skirt (Fred/Cordelia, PG-13) March 2002
Fred ponders the metaphysical properties of Cordelia's ass.

Merciful (Cordelia/Darla, R) May 2002
Compassion comes in many forms.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Cordelia/britney Spears, R) June 2002
Cordelia appears in a music video.

Slayers Do It Better (Kennedy/Faith, NC-17) December 2003
Faith and Kennedy? Well, anything can happen after Sunnydale.

Leaving Normal (Joyce/Faith, PG) December 2003
In the "real" world of 'Normal Again', Joyce finds solace.

Legal Manoeuvres in the Dark (Lilah/Faith, NC-17) March 2004
Lilah and Faith - screwing and screwing over.

Approaching Normal (Joyce/Faith, PG-13) June 2004
Sequel to 'Leaving Normal'. Joyce and Faith meet again.

Mercy Fuck (Faith/Fred, R) June 2004
Faith and Fred have pragmatic sex.

Touching The Void (Lilah/Bethany Chaulk, NC-17) July 2004
On a visit to her old high school, Lilah 'recruits' Bethany Chaulk.

Mascara Massacre (Cordelia/Willow, PG-13) July 2004
Bitchy tete-a-tetes are Cordelia's forte.

An Office Interlude (Harmony/?, G) July 2004
Harmony's long had a crush on a celebrity.

Some Girls (Faith/various, R) July 2004
Five Faith femslash drabbles.

On The Inside Series (parody, crossover, R) UNFINISHED parts 1 - 6 only, last updated December 2000
In jail and unrepentant, Faith receives an unlikely visitor.

The Queer Bitch Project (parody, R) UNFINISHED last updated July 2001
Um... wouldn't a certain blond vampire make a great bitter old drag queen?

Het Fic (2)

Just Call Me Mistress Joyce (parody, NC-17) between May - Dec 2000
Joyce seduces Giles.

Exit (R) July 2001
Faith finds that the world doesn't stop, even if you want out of the race.

General Non 'Shippyness (6)

Salvation (R) April 2002
In the Wishverse, Tara endures.

Confide In Me (drabble, PG) between May - Dec 2000
Kate Lockley goes to confession.

Precious Things (PG) May 2001
Joyce reflects on life after her operation.

Departure (drabble, PG) June 2001
Oz and Cordelia go home.

Creature Of Habit (PG-13) July 2001
Darla readies herself for the night.

Small Town, Small Fish (PG) November 2001
Sunnydale's too small for Cordelia Chase.

Collaborations (2)

Not That Kind Series - written with Dolores Labouchere (slash, R) UNFINISHED last updated April 2001
Faith struggles to adjust to life after jail but finds a friend in Oz as they return to Sunnydale.

Afternoons & Coffeespoons - written with Dolores Labouchere (het, PG-13) May 2001
Joyce's compassion is required when she meets one of Buffy's friends at the Gallery.

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Star Trek: Voyager (5)

I used to love Voyager. Thanks to hackneyed plots,regurgitated scripts from the Original series and shoddy characterisation, I soon lost the love. However, it was an easy target for parodies.

The Longest Turbolift Journey... Ever (parody, slash, NC-17) February 1999
A mundane journey turns into a hilarious sex romp.

U.S.S. Voyeur (parody, slash, NC-17) May 1999
Janeway summons the senior staff to her Ready Room to spy on some Jeffries tube action.

The Costume party (parody, slash, R) June 1999
Neelix organises a Halloween party to boost flagging crew morale and they all get into the spirit of things by dressing up.

Captain Insaneway (epic parody, slash, NC-17) completed April 2000
Captain Janeway is transported to an alternate reality (or was it temporal rift? Who can say?) where nothing is as it seems.

A Haven In Hell (slash, NC-17) April 2000
An alternative take on the 'Year Of Hell' episodes where Janeway and Seven find true lurve.

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Miscellaneous (19)

Xena: Warrior princess (4)

These were written back in the halcyon days when Xena was actually a half-decent show. Humourous, inventive, full of pop-culture refrences, and pre-Joxer invasion. That musical episode was really the last straw for me. Anyway, these stories were my first formative foray into slash fic, God... six years ago, all Xena/Gabrielle.

The Dance (slash, PG-13) circa 1997
At an Amazon festival, Xena and Gabrielle dance around the issue of their feelings.

Dream A Little Dream Of Me (slash, PG-13) circa 1997
Surreal piece in which Xena and Gabrielle share a disturbing dream.

Frozen (slash, PG-13) circa 1998
Trapped during hostile weather, Xena thinks of leaving Gabrielle.

Starting Over (slash, PG-13) circa 1998
What if Gabrielle had never joined Xena on the road?

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Ally McBeal (1)

The Cure For Loneliness (slash, NC-17) circa 2000
Nell makes an unexpected connection with Elaine.

Countdown (Real person Slash) (1)

Two From The Top And One From The Bottom (parody, slash, PG-13) circa 2000
Carol Vorderman plots the seduction of a Dictionary Corner guest.

Star Trek: The Next Generation (1)

Deanna Troi Wakes Up Gay (parody, slash, R) circa 2001
One day Counsellor Troi discovers her inner gayness.

General puppetry (1)

Lady Penelope Wakes Up Gay (parody, slash, PG-13) circa 2001
One day Lady Penelope wakes up gay. As you do.

bring It On (4)

Lockertime (slash, PG-13) April 2002
Revelations at recess.

Something About Us (slash, PG-13) June 2002
Missy and Isis are outsiders.

Talk Is Cheap (slash, NC-17) June 2002
It takes one to know one.

Getting Into Something (slash, PG-13) May 2003
Missy and Isis connect.

Crossroads (1)

Take Me With You (slash, PG-13) June 2002
Time to lay down future plans.

pop (Real person Slash) (1)

Not Solidarity (slash, NC-17) September 2002
Madonna wears her conquests.

A Backstage proposal (slash, drabble, PG) July 2004
Madonna makes her intentions clear.

Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back (1)

Girl Things (slash, NC-17) October 2003
Sex and stealing is what it's all about, but mostly sex.

Mulholland Drive (1)

Fever (slash, R) December 2003
Diane has a sickness - Camilla.

Mona Lisa Smile (1)

Bohemian Like You (slash, R) March 2004
Betty and Giselle, behind the scenes.

Will & Grace (1)

Graces Gets Hitched (Again) (slash, drabble, PG) July 2004
Grace makes another trip up the aisle.

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