Back Seat Driving


'Walking around on a cloud
'cause every girl you meet
just trips on you,
sayin' your name out loud.
I guess you've met your match
Now what will you do?'
2000. Madonna 'Runaway Lover'


Faith kicked open the door and held it for the taller woman because, fuck, this chick was a bona fide lady and Faith... wasn't. The woman, Lilah was her name, a typical urban professional if ever she saw one, just smirked at her in that superior way of hers. Made Faith want to wipe it from her smug, middle-class face. But in the nicest possible way 'cause she wanted to see that glacial babe screaming out her name sometime tonight. Then they'd see just how cool and collected this chick was, panting and shivering with Faith's fingers deep inside her, fucking her into next week.

Lilah had caught her eye on the dancefloor. She'd just been going fucking wild to the music, letting the beat control her, totally losing herself in it. The only other time that happened was when she was slaying. There's only the rush of adrenaline and the blur of movement and the satisfying resistance of stake stabbing through skin and bone. Until the next and the next... So she happened to see this lady sitting all louche at the bar, thinking she was some 1940s screen siren, checking her out, appraising her like she was something to be bought. And, hell, maybe she was... for the right price. Because Faith was here tonight, looking for possibilities and Lilah was definitely that and then some. In other words, she saw, she wanted, she took, and now she was fully intending on having.

The slayer took in Lilah in a sidelong glance, all black business suit, impeccable makeup and shiny red lips. Only question was: what was someone like *her* doing in a dive like that? Not that she asked out loud, 'cause that sounded like a shitty line, even in her head. Still, she wondered... Lilah just didn't look like the type to hang around sleazy bars picking up young girls. Not that it mattered, Faith knew she looked much older than she was.

As they walked away from the club, they rounded a corner and Faith felt the need to end the silence that hung thickly in the air between them. "I guess we can go somewhere and talk. But I'm not much of a talker, more of a doer."

Lilah stopped walking and looked at Faith, the first crack of uncertainty in her armour of absolute self-assurance. "I think you might have misunderstood my intentions," she said, almost apologetically.

Faith just stared. What the fuck was this broad all about? "No. I think you misunderstood mine." 'Cause who picked up who here? The slayer took a couple of step towards Lilah, boring her eyes into the other woman's. The whole menacing act worked like a charm because Lilah backed up against the wire-link fence, rattling it some and scaring the neighbourhood strays. She actually had the sense to look shit-scared now. Faith suppressed the smirk that tugged at her lips and reached out, grabbing the taller woman's wrist in a tight grip.

"I like that watch," Faith said, turning the yuppie chick's hand to get a better look at the expensive jewellery. "Diamonds, right?" For a brief moment she got caught up in the way the stones glistened under the streetlights. She'd never been this close to something that pretty... 'cept for B maybe.

Lilah tried to work that opportunity. "Faith - "

Immediately, the slayer dropped the woman's wrist. She was shocked, angered that this babe had an advantage over her. Fuck. "How do you know my name?" she demanded roughly. "I don't think I told you."

The other woman was obviously trying to remain calm, which only made Faith's anger flare more. She hated being manipulated, screwed over like this, not again. This chick better have her reasons and they better be damn good, she thought. "We are well aware of who you are. And what you do," Lilah began smoothly, considering she was still pressed up again that fence with Faith eyeballing her. "We know you're experiencing some difficulties. We think we can help bring some order back to your life."

Faith didn't like this, didn't like it one bit. Lashing out, Faith slammed one hand on the fence, narrowly but intentionally missing Lilah's head. She flinched, in a way that wasn't actually fear now. Nope, more like she was enjoying it, which was wicked sick in one way and interesting in another. "*We* do, do we?" Faith asked dangerously, playing it up 'cause she was starting to get off on this herself, 'cause she'd always dug these power games. "Who is 'we' and why do they know about me when I don't know jack about you?"

Lilah fixed her with that stare again, the one that was all arrogance and challenge and it made Faith wanna lick that perfect lipstick off her mouth, to drag her hands through hair that was blow-dried and hair-sprayed into submission, just so she could mess it up. "Green is my favourite colour, I look good in diamonds and I love riding in limousines." The woman gazed past Faith's shoulder and, as if on cue, a stretch limousine crawled along the curb like a big, black panther or something before pulling to a stop.

Faith turned to look, gaping slightly. Shit, this had to be classiest one night stand in her life. She stared back at Lilah who's smirk was firmly back in place. The slayer cocked an eyebrow. "I like black," she said, offering her dirtiest grin, making sure that her eyes slid down Lilah's body real slow. With that, she pushed away from the fence and swaggered up to the limo. She leaned down, trying to peer through the tinted windows then tried the handle. She opened it wide and pointed inside. "After you."

The other woman's smirk edged gradually into a smile and she slipped gracefully inside the car, deliberately brushing against Faith as she did so. A moment later, Faith threw herself onto the creamy leather upholstery, slamming the door shut behind her. She looked at the other woman, legs crossed, hands arranged neatly on her lap, and felt the blood pushing at the back of her eyes, the haze of pure lust that was making it hard to see straight, to breathe because it was pressing down so hard on her chest. Had to make a move, and soon. "So," she said and she could feel the huskiness reverberating in the back of her throat, "what's next?"

Lilah smirked and arched an elegant eyebrow. She leaned towards Faith, the musk of her perfume reaching out like tendrils, drawing the slayer in as much as Lilah's hands were doing now. Her lips were inches away from Faith's, moistened, ready. "I take you for a ride," Lilah whispered, her breath tickling Faith's face, before closing the deal and the distance between them.


The End