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The Cure For Loneliness

Nell Porter stared despondently into the glass and swirled the burgundy liquid around. This was supposed to be her reward for finally setting up her own firm. But she didn't feel like celebrating alone. Alone, yes, that sounded about right. In order to achieve this she'd stepped on people whom she'd come to consider as, if not quite friends, then people she'd developed a genuine affection for. Stepped on was a gross understatement to say the least. More like squashed into the ground with adjustable height stilettos. Now that she weighed up the consequences, winning her clients didn't seem to diminish the loss of her former colleagues' respect and friendship.

Oh, come on, a little voice at the back of her head reminded her, they'd never really liked her. They'd only tolerated her because she was a damn good lawyer and she happened to be dating their beloved Biscuit. God, that was a mistake, if ever there was one. There couldn't be two people who were less suited to each other. It wasn't about love or even sex (his strangeness didn't turn her on that much) but it was simply a convenient and not entirely unpleasant way of passing the time. To be honest, she started dating him just to confound the expectations of the gossip-mongers in the office.

Taking a sip from the wine, Nell looked up to see Elaine standing in the doorway. "Elaine," she began nervously. Call it the guilt factor. She'd lured the secretary into betraying her friends and Elaine had been willing to compromise her integrity for the sake of a job that didn't even exist. But it made Nell notice that they were a lot alike, loath as she was to admit that. They were both motivated by money and power. "I'm surprised to see you here."

"I'm surprised myself," Elaine said with her typical honesty. "Can I come in?"

Nell made an affirmative gesture. "Wine?" she offered and Elaine shook her head. Glancing at the bottle she saw that it was two-thirds empty and she realised just how drunk she was by the heaviness of her eyelids. Plus, Elaine seemed to be in soft focus.

"So, why are you here? Come to gloat?" Nell asked with an edge of bitchiness.

The secretary gave a small smile. "No, to offer a little company."

Nell frowned. "What?"

"I know what it's like to have the people you think of as your friends turn on you. Cage and Fish hasn't always been as loyal to me as I've been to them," Elaine said ruefully. The face bra lawsuit was one such occasion. Elaine's so-called friends had been so quick to believe that her cousin had invented the device. Then again, they all rallied around her when she filed for legal custody of the abandoned baby. Still, Elaine did no favours for herself, being the one-woman office grapevine. "I know how lonely it can be. People are as intimidated by my sexuality as they are by your uncompromising... personality."

Slowly, Nell rose from her chair and rounded the desk. "There's something I want you to know."


With effort, Nell brought her eyes to meet the secretary's. She remembered vividly the hurt etched there when Elaine realised how she'd been duped. It had been so easy to manipulate Elaine because she wore her hopes and fears and ambitions on her sleeve. But there was something admirable about Elaine's emotional honesty; it almost verged on innocence. "What I said about you being the best, I meant it. You do have talent and ability. And... the job offer's still there if you ever want it."

Elaine veritably beamed with pride. She was obviously a woman who hadn't had a lot of compliments in her life which was a shame. "Thanks, but I'm happy where I am right now. Maybe in the future..."

Nell nodded in understanding. That was pretty much the cue for Elaine to leave but she didn't, she just continued to smile at Nell. "Anything else?" the lawyer said bluntly.

"Just this." Without warning, Elaine reached out and pulled Nell's face to her own and kissed her full on the lips. At first the lawyer didn't react, but, maybe it was the alcohol or maybe the loneliness, after a few moments she returned the kiss. She opened her lips to Elaine's velvety softness and groaned as that expert tongue set to work, teasing and cajoling her own tongue into a duel. She was dimly aware of Elaine's hands on her shoulders, pushing off her jacket and the soft rustle of fabric as it hit the floor. Then Elaine reached behind them and cleared a small space on the desk with one swoop of her arm. The next thing she knew, Elaine was pushing her up against the desk and, oh, God, Elaine pressing against her with womanly curves.

The secretary gave a little grin as she reached for the hem of her top, pulling it up and over her head, disturbing and ruffling her unruly curls. Nell licked her lips as her eyes fastened on those full breasts constrained by the black lacy bra. Elaine wriggled slightly, knowing she had a captive audience. "I've wanted to do this for so long," Elaine revealed, her voice husky and low.

"Really?" Nell managed to say, tearing her gaze away from Elaine's voluptuous breasts.

"Well, just because we dislike each other intensely, doesn't mean I don't want to have sex with you," Elaine replied playfully. She reached behind herself to unzip her skirt and let it fall to the floor before kicking it and her shoes away.

Nell shuddered slightly as Elaine's hands dropped to the her thighs, massaging a path up and down, pushing the hem of the lawyer's dress a little higher each time. Unable to bare it any longer, Nell grabbed Elaine and kissed her hard, sucking briefly on her luscious tongue, one hand grasping eagerly at a breast. The secretary moaned deeply into her mouth and rocked her hips provocatively against Nell, her own hand meanwhile sliding further up the other woman's thigh until she met damp warmth at the apex.

Nell jerked her hips as Elaine's nimble fingers found their way past her underwear, tangling in short curls before dipping into the moist passage. The lawyer broke the kiss with a soft curse as Elaine's fingers slipped easily inside her and began a slow but unrelenting rhythm. Pushing the secretary's blonde curls aside, Nell's mouth fastened to Elaine's neck, sucking and kissing alternately as her hands found the clasp of the other woman's bra, letting the lace fall away. She took a heavy globe in each palm, squeezing gently, letting her thumbs brush over the hardened tips of Elaine's nipples.

Appreciatively, Elaine upped the pace of her thrusting fingers but deliberately avoided Nell's budding clitoris. With a growl, the lawyer wrapped her lips around one straining nipple and sucked gently on hearing Elaine's grateful sighs beside her ear. It was like an electric jolt when Elaine finally caressed the sensitive clit with her thumb, rubbing torturously slowly in a tiny circle. Then Elaine curled her fingers upwards and Nell screwed her eyes shut as her orgasm took hold of her, ripping through her nerve endings and leaving her spent. She rested her open lips against the secretary's bare shoulder, breathing into Elaine's pale skin as the shattered shards of her mind slowly pieced together again.

Slowly, Nell brought her head up to look at Elaine. She gave an exhausted smile. The secretary leaned forward and kissed her with unexpected tenderness. But Nell was all too aware of Elaine's almost nudity, the press of Elaine's full breasts against her more modest ones. Without a word, Nell sank to her knees in front of the secretary, keeping eye contact, and Elaine smirked in comprehension. Placing a few gentle kisses on Elaine's belly, Nell's fingers hooked around the elastic of the secretary's panties and they were discarded in one fluid movement. Pressing kisses into fleshy thighs, Nell's mouth roamed upwards until her nose tickled darker blonde curls. She took a moment to inhale the thick, sweet musk of Elaine's arousal before dipping her tongue experimentally into the moisture that glistened at the other woman's opening. Somewhere up above her, Elaine hissed with pleasure.

Grasping Elaine's hips with elegant fingers, Nell kissed her way around the opening and Elaine spread her legs for her in anticipation, placing her hands flat on the desk to support herself. Experimentally, Nell drew her tongue across the damp cleft, collecting the salty essence on her tongue and instantly wanting more. Pushing her tongue slowly inside, she heard Elaine moan in a high voice, urging her on as she explored that warm, wet cavern. The secretary's hips bucked with each swirl of her tongue and Nell tried not to think about the fact that she was fucking a woman, Elaine Vassal, in her office, with her tongue. Soon she replaced her tongue with her fingers, and before Elaine had the chance to protest, she touched her lips to the secretary's cherry red clitoris, kissing the little bundle of nerves before taking it reverentially between her lips.

As Nell continued to roll her tongue around the throbbing button, Elaine emitted something that was half-way between a howl and a scream as her thighs clamped around Nell's hand; inner muscles spasming as her moisture drenched the lawyer's fingers. Pulling herself up Elaine's body, Nell kissed the secretary again until they were both gasping for air.

When they parted, Nell sat on the desk while Elaine dressed. There was a slight awkwardness between them. "So..." Nell began as Elaine turned to face her, running a hand through her hair.

"So..." the secretary agreed. She smiled, eyes tracking over the other woman possessively. "Next time you feel lonely...."

"I've give you a call," Nell finished, smiling herself now because they had an understanding. She watched Elaine leave; feeling more confident than she had for a long time, and she knew that she would be calling the other woman soon. Like, the same time tomorrow night.

The End