About Ready To Pop


"She got me really wound up," Faith rubbed her formerly dislocated shoulder gingerly, her other hand still flat against Buffy’s chest for support. "A fight like that and no kill... I'm about ready to pop." She fixed her gaze on the blonde who was standing there with a frown on her face.

"Maybe we should go to the hospital, get your shoulder checked out," Buffy suggested, looking slightly nervous - like she always did when Faith mentioned anything about being horny - and eminently fuckable. B had managed to kill that bitch Apocalypse demon, it'd given her quite a workout, and a few strands of hair clung to her sweat-dampened forehead. But the blonde slayer shrank back under Faith's invasive stare and retreated a few steps to safety.

"Nah, I'm five by five," Faith replied. "'Sup, B? You look... wicked freaked." The brunette reached down to pull off her boots and threw them carelessly across the room.

"Me? I'm fine," Buffy replied, doing a good impersonation of someone so not fine.

Faith paused to trail her gaze down the other girl's trim body. "Damn right, B." A dirty grin split her face which only made Buffy look even more uptight in her pastel blue pseudo-trench.

"Faith... I'm not comfortable with *this*," Buffy said and looked away, resting her eyes anywhere except the other slayer. "I'm not..."

"What? Gay?" Faith asked, almost with contempt. "Me neither, I like drivin' stick too much." She watched the flicker of disgust cross over Buffy's face with appreciation. Man, she loved to watch B squirm. But she had other priorities right now - getting her rocks off being top of the list.

"I'm not interested in girls," Buffy said firmly, "in that way. Not that I have a problem with it, cause I don't. I mean if you do, like girls, I mean, then I'm cool with that."

The blonde was flustered now, that much was obvious. Faith folded her arms. "Wanna run that by me again, cuz I think it lost somethin' in the translation," she said with a smirk.

"We're friends, Faith, that's all." Buffy had that determined set of her jaw, her green eyes serious. A look that really worked for her. It only made Faith want to break that determination down to prove that Buffy-holier-than-thou-Summers was just as human and corruptible as everyone else. Oh yeah, she wanted to corrupt Buffy in the *worst* possible way…

The brunette shrugged. "Are we? I mean, when was the last time we hung out together? We slay; we go our separate ways. We’re hardly bosom buds, B."

"So, what is this, a plea for attention?" Buffy asked with typical sarcasm.

Faith snorted. "Don't flatter yourself, girlfriend. Anyways, I gotta shower. I’m feelin’ all strangely dirty all of a sudden," she said with an exaggerated leer. As the brunette reached for the hem of her tank top, Buffy quickly turned her attention elsewhere, fiddling with the beat-up transistor radio on top of the TV set. With a smirk, Faith went through to the bathroom, leaving the door more than a little ajar.


As soon as she heard the shower tap turned on, Buffy decided it was time to leave. This was so insane. Was Faith actually suggesting that they...? The other girl knew that Buffy was straight, and, more importantly, she was with Angel. But then Faith also knew it was strictly non-boinking relationship and how difficult it was too keep it that way. Why was she trying to rationalise this anyway? There was simply no question that she would ever, *ever*, do *anything* with Faith.

Now she had her resolve face on, Buffy headed for the door, ignoring Faith's off-key murdering of a Madonna song - 'Like A Virgin' of all things. She paused with her hand on the doorknob, wondering if she should tell Faith she was leaving. She glanced towards the bathroom, unsure, and her eyes widened when she saw that the door was sitting a few inches open and that Faith hadn't bothered to pull back the shower curtain. So she had pretty full-on rear view of the other girl's nakedness. Wet nakedness. She watched the rivulets of water coursing down Faith's back, over a number of faded scars that marred her otherwise perfect skin. It occurred to her then that Faith must sunbathe nude because she couldn't see *any* tan lines. She didn’t want to consider why that thought made a blush creep up her neck or why it created that little twist of nausea in the pit of her stomach. And the mental image that was conjured, she shoved straight to the back of her mind.

Blinking, Buffy forced her eyes back to the door. This wasn't so hard. Turn the handle. Open the door. Run. Her gaze edged back towards the bathroom again.

"Still here?" Faith said, emerging from the en suite (if the motel bathroom could be called such), a towel wrapped around her torso that barely covered the prudent parts. She was drying her hair with a separate towel, droplets of water splashing onto her chest and sliding between her breasts.

Buffy wanted to catch them on her tongue.

Wha..? She really needed to get out of here now, before she did something she would most definitely regret. "Um, yeah, I didn't want to leave without saying g'bye," the blonde said, recovering quickly. "So - bye."

Faith gave a nod that was more of a jerk of her head. "Be seein’ you."

They stared at each other and still Buffy didn't move. Faith smiled knowingly. "Did you enjoy the view, B?"

The blonde opened her mouth and closed it. Sprung. "I didn't mean to..."

Dark brown eyes pinned her to the spot like an invisible force. "I said, did you enjoy the view?" Faith's voice was low and smoky, her gaze intent.

Buffy hung her head in embarrassment. It was all the admission of guilt Faith needed. She heard the sound of the towel pooling on the floor but didn't dare look up. In fact, she closed her eyes. The floorboards creaked as Faith approached her. She could feel the heat radiating off the other girl's body. And the smell of her, clean and startlingly female. Buffy was trembling now, completely, and utterly out of her depth in this trashy motel room.

"What about now? You like what you see?" Faith's fingertips came to the underside of the blonde slayer’s chin, forcing it up. Slowly Buffy opened her eyes and was surprised to find Faith's face mere inches away from her own. The brunette's fingertips roamed lazily down the length of her throat, making it difficult for her to swallow. "Well?"

The blonde nodded, unable to speak, much less move. Faith smiled, a genuine smile, and Buffy noticed just how beautiful the other girl was. Sure, she'd seen the sluttiness, the sexy image that Faith liked to portray but there was real beauty there under all that leather and dark lipstick. The smile faltered as Faith leaned in gradually and brought her lips to Buffy's. It was a slow-burning kiss and it seemed like forever before it deepened by mutual consent. The brunette brought her hands behind Buffy's shoulders, crushing their bodies together. Buffy herself was confronted with so much gratuitous bare flesh that wherever she placed her hands would be dangerous. The skin was still damp from the shower, rapidly cooling as it met the air but warmed under her own fingers. She was dimly aware of Faith roughly pushing off her coat and they broke contact for Buffy to discard the offending garment. Then Faith's mouth was hot upon hers again, full lips more demanding to make up for that brief distraction. The rest of her clothes were shed in a similar fashion, like layers of skin being peeled off until there was flesh pressing scandalously against flesh.

The next thing she knew Faith had pulled her to the floor and she was being kissed relentlessly, the strangely rough softness of the other girl's tongue filling her mouth. The brunette's hands seemed to be everywhere at one, moving restlessly over her, exploring hurriedly almost as if she was drowning in skin. But right now, that was pushing all the right buttons. It wasn't long before Faith kissed and sucked her way downwards, only briefly giving Buffy's breasts the attention they craved from that lusciously fulsome mouth. Further kisses were trailed down her stomach, the damp curtain of the brunette’s hair tickling her skin slightly, until Faith reached the soft thatch of damp blonde curls that framed Buffy's sex. The other girl made no pretences and dove straight in, her tongue swirling around the slick passage, drawing the secret, sweet moisture into her mouth. Strong hands held Buffy's squirming hips still.

From that moment on, her mind operated on a sensory level only. She couldn’t think about what Faith was doing to her, such wonderful things that she’d craved without even knowing it. Touching her here, stroking there, bringing her to the point of no return. Beyond the pretence of friendship, beyond their supposed slayer connection – this was what was meant to be. An attraction that had been building for weeks and finally culminating in this –

Buffy screwed her eyes shut, feeling the rush go through her, like travelling light years to an entirely different plane of nothingness – a feeling of being disconnected from her own body only to be snapped back into place like a stretched piece of elastic. But it was over in seconds, the moment lost too soon. She was now uncomfortably aware of the itchiness of the carpet underneath her, the stickiness between her thighs, the sweat at the base of her spine, the dryness of her mouth, the heaviness of Faith's head where it rested on her belly, the cheapness of this motel room. She wanted to leave now. But Faith was surely expecting her to reciprocate and she wasn't sure that she could.

Then Faith was on top of her, straddling her, pinning her to the dirty carpet. Why did she feel like it was an obligation to return the pleasure? It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Faith was grinning down at her, eyes darkened almost to blackness with unrestrained lust, hard-tipped nipples beckoning her mouth from the creamy white of the brunette’s breasts. The dark slayer surged against her thigh, coating skin with her desire and tipped her head back, growling low in her throat. Something, something… wild was rekindled in Buffy at the sight of Faith’s obvious abandon and she wanted nothing more that to fuck Faith into another world. So much for not being gay, she thought derisively. In denial much?

Oh, god, please, oh… fuck. That was the last semi-coherent thought that ran through her brain when Faith’s fingers found her sex again and her lips were captured roughly in another kiss that drove away logic and reason. All at once it was clear – she and Faith were the same. Built for killing and fucking. Built for each other and the complicated, unnecessry emotion that was love just didn't factor into it.

That was how she was going to justify this to herself, to Angel when he smelled Faith on her skin.


The End