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Some Girls

1. Accessorise This (Faith/Cordelia)

Crouching over Cordelia, Faith watches the bruise burgeoning on that beautiful face, swollen and purple. She reaches down, prodding the angry welt, and feels the softness of well moisturised skin. A little burst of shame swells in Faith's chest but she forces it away.

Her fingertips trail down the unconscious girl's jaw and neck until she pauses, hot palm hovering over the swell of breast. There's the heat of skin beneath thin material and the very visible fact that Cordelia's not wearing a bra.

Faith glances at Wesley, out cold in the corner. No time for this, she's gotta motor.

2. Riding In Limosines (Faith/Lilah)

The guy in the suit's staring fixedly out the window, trying not squirm, and Faith laughs. Fag. She turns her attention back to the lady who's smirking like the cat that got the cream.

Faith lifts the woman's calf, encased in silk stocking, and slings it over her shoulder. The other leg she pushes to the side, scoring nails down smooth skin. The woman gasps softly and her hips slide against the upholstery as Faith pulls her nearer.

"Tell me what else you like," Faith asks, dragging her tongue across sensitive flesh.

"I like to be fucked in limousines too."

3. Proving A Point (Faith/Kate)

Faith allows the cops to cuff her, listens to the almost satisfying click of the metal closing around her wrists and takes it all like a good little slayer.

It's only when they shove her inside the cell that she gets pissed. Like a reflex, she grabs Lockley and slams her up against the wall. Hard. And, sure, there's rifles trained against her back and cops screaming at her but in Lockley's blue eyes there's a fixed point of calm.

Hey, under different circumstances... "Just to prove a point," Faith says.

Lockley gives a brisk nod and Faith steps back.

4. Smart Girls Are Hot (Faith/Fred)

"Never had you pegged as a teenage stoner," Faith says, glancing askew at Fred, before leaning across to pass her the joint.

Fred takes a long, ruminative toke. "The science nerds always are."

Faith shrugs. "Never really went to high school so I wasn't up on the politics."

"Well, high school's a microcosm of society," Fred says, sitting forward. Faith notices how the other woman's eyes light up when she's animated and how her accent becomes stronger. "Anthropologists need only study the behaviours of high school students to understand all hum--"

Faith kisses Fred and the rest is lost.

5. Sparks Fly (Faith/Gwen)

Faith spots her across the dancefloor and it's like electricity crackles around her. Maybe that's why guys keep their distance, even as they stare at her like she's meat. Faith is staring too, hypnotised by hips and shoulders and limbs in perfect motion to the bass-heavy beat.

So Faith pushes her way up to her. She notices black elbow length gloves, which is way kinky and makes her temperature raise another notch. Or maybe it's the proximity of this leather clad chick who, by appearances, could be her twin. Kinkier still.

"Don't get too close," the girl says, turning round.

The End