Window of Opportunity


Faith was lying on her bed, well, technically Buffy's bed, chewing bubble gum. The pillows were propped up behind her as she glanced gloomily around and her mouth twisted in distaste at the sheer girliness that was Buffy's former bedroom. Stuffed animals, lacy shit. Man, was that a doily on that bookcase? This was teen-girl, good-girl pastel hell. She was bored. With a sigh she picked up the X-Men comic that she'd read through twice already then flung it aside again. She was itching for action but she'd promised both Joyce and Buffy separately that she'd stay cooped up in this place. The rebel part of her, which was the most part, just thought, fuck, what's another broken promise? Still, she stayed. For a brief moment she wondered if B kept an old diary stashed somewhere in this room. She eyed potential hiding places speculatively. She could just imagine the kind of thing Buffy would've written. She'd paint herself as some teary-eyed yet strong heroine and Angel as her dark, dashing lover tormented by his past. Oh, Angel, I love you but we can't be together, Faith mimicked in a high, derisive voice in her head. Well, she didn't want to read that, not even for comedy value. She didn't want to read about Buffy loving someone else.

But she didn't need to worry about that anymore, right? Riley was was dumped, Angel was in LA. There was nothing standing between them now. Buffy knew how she felt. Buffy had kissed her. Her fingers drifted unconsciously to her lips in remembrance. She was smiling. That was quite a kiss. She'd always suspected that kissing Buffy Summers would be something special. The blonde had made her so fucking hot just from a kiss. Dammit, why hadn't Buffy called her? She hated this, this waiting. She'd never had to do this before. She was used to being in control. Whenever she'd said 'I'll call you' she'd never meant it. It's just something you say, to make things less awkward, there's no real intent behind it.

She sat up abruptly. Fuck, what if Buffy meant it that way? Maybe B didn't want to deal with this. She glanced at the wall clock, a saccharine piece of shit with hugging teddy bears on it. It was way after nine. Buffy wasn't going to call, she thought with sagging realisation. She shook her head angrily. Son of a...

In the corner of her eye she spotted a shape moving at the window. Cautiously, Faith eased off the bed and reached for the stake lying on the dresser. Edging closer to the window, she almost jumped out of her skin when a face appeared. It was grinning at her.

"Fuck," she cursed. "Buffy, what the hell are you doing?" she demanded, her irritation directed more at herself than the other girl.

"Just let me in," Buffy replied, rolling her eyes.

Pushing the window up, Faith allowed the smaller girl to clamber over the sill and into the bedroom. "I shoulda just let you freeze your ass off out there," the brunette grumbled, still annoyed at Buffy's failure to call.

"Fine, if that's the way you feel..." Buffy pouted and started towards the window. She was stopped by Faith yanking her back by the arm.

"It's not," Faith replied. She squirmed now that Buffy's hazel eyes were turned upon her. She didn't want to admit her fears of moments before or how much this relationship thing, that she had so little experience with (her three boyfriends had lasted two months in total), was really affecting her. "It's just that you - well, I wasn't expecting you." What a lame-ass comeback

Buffy grinned. "Did I scare you? Was da big, badass Faith fwightened?" she teased.

"Bite me," Faith said, turning her back on the other girl.

"Alright," Buffy replied, her voice full of amusement. Moments later, Faith felt teeth sink lightly into the skin of her shoulder. A shiver shot its way down to the base of her spine in response. Her eyes closed reflexively as she felt the tip of Buffy's tongue brushing her skin, trailing a wet path up to her neck as the blonde's arms slipped around her waist. B knew exactly how to play her, one touch and she was a goner. She leaned back gratefully into the embrace and Buffy tightened her hold.

"I had to see you," Buffy whispered next to Faith's ear, sending yet more shivers through her, bringing alive nerves she didn't even knew existed.

Faith let out a hitching breath. "You said you were gonna call," she replied and the desperation was clear even to herself. Pathetic. She closed her eyes as the shame washed over her.

Buffy's arms squeezed her. "I'm sorry," she said as she nuzzled Faith's neck gently. "I was worried mom might overhear."

"I thought you mighta... changed your mind," the brunette said and shrugged, less than convincingly. Fucking idiot. Why are you telling her this? She was making herself an open target here. When did she become such a masochist?

The blonde slowly turned Faith around to face her. Those hazel eyes were serious and absolutely sincere. She had to look away. "Faith..." Buffy said softly and her hand came to the other girl's cheek, forcing Faith to meet her gaze. "I'm in love with you. I'll never change my mind about that."

Faith's eyes were watering now. "Shit, I've got something in my eye..." she muttered, blinking a few times to prevent the tears falling. She gave a bleary grin, knowing full well that Buffy didn't believe her excuse. Instead Buffy pulled the dark-haired girl's head down for a kiss, smothering full lips with her own, communicating the extent of her love. The blonde parted her lips in invitation, allowing Faith to taste her more deeply, which Faith did willingly, exploring every inch of Buffy's sweet, lush mouth.

When they parted for breath, Buffy worked her fingers into dark, wavy locks. "I know we should take this slowly but I - " Her words were cut short by Faith pulling her in for another long, suggestive kiss. The smaller girl's arms locked around her neck, pressing their bodies even more closely together.

"Baby..." the brunette said with a touch of a grin as she ended the kiss. The lust that was firing in her own veins, she could see it reflected in Buffy's eyes, black pupils surrounded by a tiny ring of green. She could smell it off her. Like a metallic tang. She stroked a few stray blonde hairs away from Buffy's obviously flustered face. "I want to... God, you drive me crazy," she said in husky whisper.

"Not literally I hope," Buffy replied, eyes fastened on Faith's lips. She'd noticed that, last year. Buffy always used to stare at her lips. It was one of things that made her think that Buffy was into her in the first place.

"Not anymore," Faith assured her with a slow smile and made no hesitation in capturing the blonde's mouth again in a lazy kiss. She teased the other girl, letting their lips touch before pulling back and then pressing forward again. Buffy's lips tasted so fucking sweet. She couldn't get enough of them. What she wanted to know was: did the rest taste just as good and she knew without a doubt that it would.

"My mom?" Buffy asked, in a moment of lucidity.

They backed up slowly towards the bed, completely lost in the exploration of lips and tongues. "She's pulling another late night at the gallery," Faith murmured against the other girl's lips. The kiss broke abruptly as Buffy fell back onto the bed. She gazed up at Faith, a silent plea made solely with her eyes. It made the brunette's heart catch. This was it, everything she'd ever wanted, dreamt of, being offered to her unconditionally. She took Buffy's proffered hand without hesitation.



"Mm?" A blonde head roused gradually to gaze sleepily up into dark brown eyes that were almost black. She smiled slowly as her limbs protested at the dim ache that suffused her entire body. Well... that answered one question that had always lurked at the back of her mind. What was it like to be with another Slayer. Actually, it answered two questions. She now knew what it was like to be with another woman too. Amazing, that's all her mind could register. It wasn't even comparable with anything she'd ever experienced before. God, she thought as her head rolled back on the pillow.

Faith's head was propped up on her elbow and she was watching Buffy with complete seriousness. "What's wrong?" Buffy asked, instantly tensing. She could see guilt hanging over Faith's dark features. It was an emotion she'd been seeing a lot of recently, which was partly encouraging and partly not.

Whatever internal debate Faith was having, she seemed to reach a conclusion. "When I was, when I had your body..." the brunette trailed off quietly. "Fuck, B, I - " she lowered her eyes in embarrassment. Any confusion was cleared up when Faith traced her finger down Buffy's navel, stopping just above the triangle of dark curls. She met large hazel eyes pointedly.

"Oh," Buffy responded, more an exhalation of breath than a word. She raised her eyebrows in surprise. Then she realised why Faith was so clearly distressed, Faith thought she'd violated the blonde. "Faith, it's okay. It's not like it was... I mean, you were still you, not me and vice versa." Buffy's mind leapt. No wonder the other girl knew *exactly* where to touch her. "It was just masturbation really." She blushed slightly. At the time, she hadn't really considered what Faith might do with her body once she had it. Actually, she was surprised by how unfazed she was by this news. A little over a week ago she would've been enraged but now... she was strangely turned on...

Faith looked dubious. The blonde shifted so that they were face to face. "Trust me, it's okay." Her lips curved into a shy smile. "It's kinda sexy." Her eyes took in Faith's curves slowly, soft flesh begging to be touched. "I was curious myself..."

"But you didn't," Faith said with a frown.

"No," Buffy allowed, "but I might have. There just wasn't an opportune time, what with the Watcher's Council chasing me."

Faith's eyes darkened almost imperceptibly. "I wanted you so badly, B," she murmured, remembering vividly the desire that had driven her during that time. She remembered the long, hot bath she'd taken, luxuriating at being *inside* that velvet skin. Making that body respond to *her* touch, writhing under *her* hands. She was Buffy and Buffy was her and it was all too perfect. Just thinking about it... "I wanted to make love to you."

Watching the desire on the brunette's face rekindled Buffy's own feelings. She wished now that she had touched herself in Faith's body, to know the other girl as intimately as Faith knew her. No one would ever be that close to her again. "I wanted it too. Needed you," Buffy whispered, leaning in to kiss the other girl with a fierceness that surprised herself. The brunette groaned deep in her throat as Buffy covered her hand and pressed it to Faith's already heated centre. The dark-haired girl moved against her own hand, guided gently but firmly by Buffy's, the blonde's kisses like liquid fire, lips seeming to be everywhere at once yet never straying far from her mouth.

"God," Faith gasped as Buffy pushed one of the brunette's fingers inside her, quickly followed by one of her own. They were moving in tandem, drawing loud, breathless moans from Faith. Sweat slicked their bodies, drenching them with their urgent, heady need. Without breaking contact, Buffy positioned herself on top of the other girl, her body stretched out against the length of Faith. As their entwined fingers continued to slide in and out of the brunette's slippery cleft, Buffy's knuckles brushed tantalisingly against her own inflamed sex.

"You are so wet," the blonde whispered in awe, covering Faith's lips with her own in blind, openmouthed kisses, her own excitement building. Finally, as Buffy's thumb gently worked the hardened nub of Faith's clitoris with her thumb, the brunette reached her shattering peak, emitting something between a moan and a strangled shout. But Buffy wasn't quite there yet and she continued to rub herself against their hands, delighting in the the furious friction until the ache exploded outwards and she screwed her eyes shut as she rode the sensation. She breathed heavily against Faith's shoulder, tongue dipping out to taste the salty skin. The scent of sex swam in her senses and she was acutely aware of the stickiness between her fingers where they rested inside Faith, she could still feel the after tremors pulsating through the other girl.

Taking a few moments to recover the parts of her brain rendered numb by sheer pleasure, Buffy slid off the brunette and brought her fingers to her lips, licking them dry of the salty moisture that coated them. When she'd finished that she greedily took Faith's fingers into her mouth too, cleaning them of every last drop. Faith was watching her with hooded eyes. That was one thing about having sex with a Slayer. They recover quickly. So it was hardly a surprise when Faith straddled her hips and began kissing her way down Buffy's chest, taking her time to give full attention to straining nipples.

"Faith..." Buffy half whimpered, as the other girl licked and sucked at her tender skin. She needed to have her hunger satisfied and she was equally relieved and disappointed when Faith abandoned her breasts to continue southward. Her hips rose off the bed, anxious to direct that wonderful mouth to where she most needed it. When she felt Faith place the softest of kisses on her intimate flesh she almost screamed. "Oh God," she moaned as she felt the other girl's tongue caress her labia then gently part the secret folds with her fingers. "Faith, please, I need - " Before she could finish that sentence, Faith's tongue plunged deeply into her overflowing passage, probing the delicate walls relentlessly. Buffy squirmed.

Abruptly Faith withdrew her tongue. Looking down at the brunette, Buffy's eyes flashed with rage at her need being denied. Before she could utter a word of complaint, Faith slid two fingers easily into her. Her back arched, trying to take more of the other girl into her. The brunette began a slow, deep rhthym with Buffy's undulating hips matching the pace. Once again Faith lowereed her mouth to that hot, demanding flesh, flicking her tongue over the cherry-red clitoris, laving it with her saliva and Buffy's juices, slaking her thirst.

They were so absorbed in each other that they didn't hear the car pull up outside or the beam of headlights that momentarily flooded the room.



Joyce hung her coat and scarf up on the stand with a heavy sigh. She'd had a testing time at the gallery this evening. Some of the latest pieces she'd purchased had been held up in LA which meant the new exhibition would have to be delayed. Which meant contacting all the people on the guest list and informing them. But she hadn't the inclination to deal with the problem tonight, best to begin afresh in the morning, so she'd come home early. It took her a few moments to notice that the house was suspiciously quiet. Usually Faith was watching something unsavoury on television at this time like that awful South Park cartoon. But the door to the lounge was closed, the air still.

"Faith?" she called out uncertainly. She glanced down the hallway into the kitchen. It was empty, only an empty packet of potato chips any indication that a teenaged girl had been there. Switching off the light in kitchen, she made her way up the stairs. It was highly unlikely that Faith was asleep, so she moved towards Buffy's bedroom. Her hand was halfway to the door, intending to knock before disturbing the girl, when she heard what sounded like a moan. She paused, listening. There. Again.


Joyce cocked her head. Someone was in there. Her senses were running way ahead of her thoughts.

"Uhhhh, Faith!"

The blonde woman stared into the door, as if she had x-ray vision. Buffy. She recognised that voice instantly now. Faith was in there with Buffy. And from the sound of it... well, the sounds had stopped now. She heard a soft laugh. Faith's. More silence then a distinct groan of "B."

Blinking, Joyce slowly backed away from the door. She couldn't breathe, couldn't think. Faith, whom she loved, Faith was in there fucking her daughter. Suddenly, it seemed like the walls were closing in on her. She had to get away, anywhere. Clutching her car keys, she descended the stairs as quietly as possible and jumped into the car, driving blindly into the night.


Continued in 'Uninvited'