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29th July 2004

I'm in the process of changing the layout so there's a dual look going on at the moment. Sorry.

Anyway, some more stories: An Office Interlude (Angel) and Some Girls (Angel)

19th July 2004

New stories: Approaching Normal (Buffy), Mascara Massacre (Buffy), Mercy Fuck (Angel), Touching the Void (Angel), Tacky Drunken Vegas Wedding (Angel), A Backstage Proposal (Pop - RPS), Grace Gets Hitched (Again) (Will & Grace)

30th March 2004

New stories: Legal Manoeuvres in the Dark (Angel), Bohemian Like You (Mona Lisa Smile), Clubbing In Rome (Buffy).

29th December 2003

Four new stories: Slayers Do It Better (Buffy), Leaving Normal (Buffy), Bar Room Blitz (Angel) and Fever (Mulholland Drive).

10th November 2003

Two new stories: Girl Things (Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back) and Escapology (Angel).

9th October 2003

Redesigned the site again and rejigged things slightly. No new fiction but I have started writing again. Baby steps.