image of women sitting in armchair writing

Do Not Exceed Stated Dose: A Novel

This was originally started during NaNoWriMo back in November 2002. Unfortunately, I got waylaid by real life which meant I was unable to write the required 50,000 words in the alloted time. However, I've still been haphazardly battering away a few sentences at a time since then. It's a disjointed pile of crap so far but bear with me and I'll try and beat it into a palatable form.

Segment 1 - Cally October and wasted celebrity

'Touching a trembling hand to her damp forehead, hoping to somehow ease the ebb and flow of nausea, she swore under her breath. Last thing she could remember was staggering into a black cab with some unknown model, hands all over each other, and the driverís leer as he watched in the rear view mirror.'

Segment 2 - Deborah & Ingrid, Britain's answer to Thelma & Louise

'Ingrid was wearing sunglasses, and her head was thrown back so that the wind whipped tendrils of blonde hair wildly around her head. Deborah struggled to keep her eyes on the road.'

Segment 3 - Sheree, exotic dancer extraordinaire!

'It was a slow night tonight, not many private dances. And those who did fork out werenít exactly generous with their tips. All in all, it was a typical Monday night in Scunthorpe.'